Gaby Sahhar

09 February—22 March 2019


"I remember being on the bus I remember being flashed at. I remember tapping my oyster and moving from A to b. Lol me.

It was toxic rite in that moment I released my own self existence and that my reality was awoken. But I am a Fraud, I’m on the run, a figment of a man's imagination.

Walk, act normal and talk. Make friends to hide a secmengent of your life. Loads and downloads. doesn’t shut up. Doesn’t allow you to breath. Blank in the brain, this body does all the emotional labour for the other. It’s picks him up and challenges him when he needs to be challenged,

it waits to blossom to penetrate every space is goes in. Even the spaces it Maneuvers judge and project assumptions and disorders onto this body. It hits it deep into its sub continuous. That’s where the beat lies that's what the beat wants to get but cant always have, it's always wants control of that place, space. Taste. Public or private it wants in."

Film script extract

For their first solo show in Italy, London-based artist Gaby Sahhar has produced a new video work entitled Origins and a new series of drawings.
Origins is a film in three parts that examines repressed femininity in relation to the male body and the broader patriarchal body: the city. A prophetic female voice narrates the ungovernable power of dormant femininity as it gains control of its host. As the disembodied voice dives deeper into the subconscious of its host and recounts her own memories, seeking answers to elusive questions of identity and daily lived experiences in the city we are confronted by failure, where-by the logic of binary gender collapse. The film ends in a gay club sequence, accompanied by ultra feminine pop music, the Artist shows us the ways in which femininity is permitted in the mainstream.

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