Late At Tate: Stance

Explore the reclamation of cultural identity through fashion and style

Late at Tate Britain: Stance will explore the reclamation of cultural identity through fashion and style. The event takes inspiration from elaborately dressed people in Tate’s sixteenth century portraits.

Inspired by these historic paintings, stylist Ibrahim Kamara teamed up with South African photographer Kristin-Lee Moolman. They've produced a series of photographs exploring the boundaries of fashion, gender and race. These feature in a limited edition publication created specially for the event. Work from leading young designers Bethany Williams and Jenna Young (This Is The Uniform) explores the rising popularity of streetwear. This Is The Uniform presents a live response to fashion and styles of people from Tate’s sixteenth century portraits. Bethany Williams will showcase clothes from her recent collection. Bethany will also lead a drop-in weaving workshop inspired by her socially sustainable approach to fashion.

A panel discussion led by Finn Mactaggart will debate the politics of fashion. Our panellists Rhea Dillon, Bethany Williams and Jenna Young

will discuss the recent obsession with appropriating working class aesthetics, fashion activism and diversity within the industry. See episodes of States of Undress, a documentary series produced for VICELAND exploring the politics of fashion introduced by the producer Roxy Rezvany. Hear music curated by the multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ CKTRL: Aisha Zoe, West Indians and Lady Amz. Head to the Tate Archive to explore archive objects looking at fashion and its relationships to daily life, theatre, travel, history and politics.

(Curated in conjunction with Tate Collectives)